Waste to Energy

Ground-breaking Waste to Energy Technology

Total disposal of all waste types – all-in-one technology

From the best traditions in German engineering,

using the state-of the-art technologies from the steel industries,

all radically adapted for a new purpose –

the gasification of all types of waste with exemplary energy production

Current issues within the waste industry

Waste is burnt, processed or buried - or all three

Escalating volumes of waste to landfill with many reaching capacity

Business models are not financially sustainable and plants incapable of high levels of uptime

Poor ratios of waste to energy - lack of recycling adding to waste disposal problems

Running waste facilities and not production facilities

Landfill produces methane - 28 times more harmful than CO2

Driven by long term contracts and subsidies

Processes are overly complex and inefficient. Current technologies produce residual waste streams and are unable to handle all types of hazardous waste

Converting waste to energy sustainably

Next Generation Power identified High Temperature Conversation of Waste (HTCW) technology and set about enhancing the solution by redesigning the power plant, making the solution even more resilient and bringing substantial and world leading partners together to collaborate in the build and delivery of waste to energy projects such as Siemens, Caterpillar and Doosan Babcock.   Next Generation Power also delivers a unique financial model which allows our plant to be deployed in a unique way within the waste industry on a commercially economic basis providing base load electricity.

Our HTCW patent gasification process transforms 97-99% if all types of waste into energy with independent  studies showing assurance of long term energy stability.  One single plant required instead of different technologies for different types of waste that needs no pre-sorting or shredding with zero emissions.  Scalable from a small single or multi location site to large industrial plants, economically integrated into existing infrastructures, Next Generation Power’s HTCW can process mixed municipal and industrial waste such as scrap, tyres, metal, clinical, industrial or hazardous waste and paints, paper and compound materials – in fact, anything except nuclear waste.  With additional significant benefits for the National Economy including being a key part of regeneration and localised job creation.

Renewables Comparison

HTCW - efficiency 90-95%
Wind - efficiency 28-36%
Solar - efficiency 16-24%

The Environment Agency, an organisation commissioned by the UK DEFRA Government Department, assessed 40 waste processing technologies from various countries including HTCW gasification.  The resulting case study corroborates HTCW suitability to process all types of waste with an environmentally friendly process.

Next Generation Power is a developer of waste to energy power stations and has focused its efforts on the waste to energy and waste recycling industries. Their experiences and research has led them to the most effective and disruptive technology, to bring profitable and reliable waste to energy plants to the UK.